Threat Intelligence

Must have cyber intelligence service to mitigate cyber threats

Learn about threats, leaks, attacks, and hacking activity before they can harm your business

Prompt attack and threat notifications for your company, clients and partners

Direct access to compromised data and TTPs of malicious activity

Detections, analysis and forecasts of hacking activity in the areas of your interest

Convenient web interface for data search and analysis – no installation required

STIX/TAXII ready, official OASIS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee Member

24x7 Personal cyber intelligence analyst support: tailored reports, malware analysis and much more

We give you vital intelligence about upcoming threats and actual cyber security risks

It takes a few minutes to infect a computer, while incident detection and remediation activities may last months. Even if you feel confident in your systems' safety, vulnerabilities of your clients, employees, or partners may become your problem – this potential threat has become a reality for financial institutions, payment systems and telecommunications operators. Security breach in a company of your industry may be a warning sign of future attacks on your business, while insiders will help criminals bypass your defensive barriers.

Be prepared to any attack scenario with Intelligence cyber analytics: receive the most specific and detailed information for prompt response and the most recent data for threat prevention.


new threats and hacker groups


15 incidents of sales of confidential information

990 000+

phishing websites

23 000+

websites attacked by hacktivists

During During 2016 Threat Intelligence detected and identified

745 000+

user and corporate accounts

509 000+

bank cards

210 000+

infected mobile devices


active apt cyber gangs

Some of the clients using Group-IB Solution




Raiffeisen Bank

British American Tobacco

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