Imposed Security - Guard Mobile


Corporate Mobility Management and Mobile Device Protection


Integrated Mobile Device Protection & Management

Set it & Forget it; Devices are Under Control even When Offline

On-Premises & SAAS Deployment

Encryption-Protected Messenger

Protected Container for Corporate Apps & Data

Key Features

Mobile Device Management

  • Policy-based management of iOS and Android devices
  • White list of Wi-Fi hotspots; connection denied for untrusted access points
  • Bluetooth connection denial
  • Proxied Internet access
  • Prohibition on using built-in camera
  • Managed access to corporate e-mail (Exchange server)

Centralized Deployment and Management

  • Remote device registration and agent installation
  • User self-registration service
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • Centralised inventory of managed devices, applications and services
  • Centralised monitoring of security status and activities for all managed devices; geolocation
  • Broadcasting administrative messages and corporate announcements

Mobile Application Management

  • Install allowed applications from public stores (Apple AppStore, Google Play Market)
  • Install applications from corporate storage (HTTP, FTP)
  • White and black lists of user applications

Call and Messaging Protection

  • Reduced financial and reputational risks from possible leaks of con.dential information

Corporate Applcations and Data Security

  • Protected corporate container on personal mobile device
  • Separation of corporate and personal applications and data
  • Transparent container encryption
  • Disabled copy / paste between applications inside and outside the container
  • Container removal without a.ecting personal apps and data

Mobile Device Security

  • Remote device lock
  • Remote password change and reset
  • Device data encryption and protection
  • Remote wipe of device data
  • Device rooting and jailbreak detection
  • VPN settings management
  • Cryptographically protected VoIP and instant messaging

Corporate Mobility Management

  • Reduced TCO
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Streamlined administration

Mobile device Protection

  • Con.dential information is protected in compliance with corporate security policies
  • Reduced security risks
  • Security policies remain in e.ect even when there is no connection to the GM Server