Infrastructure Security

Threat Environment

Whether you’re operating your own in-house data center or you’re delivering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), it’s essential that you prevent security breaches and protect all the sensitive information you store and process. There will be many attack surfaces that can be exploited by a vast array of attack vectors. As you evolve your data center infrastructure to respond to new business demands, it’s likely to become even more complex. Unfortunately, this may result in more opportunities for cybercriminals to attack your business.

What we offer

Business continuity is critical, so repelling cyber attacks is vital to your Data Center. Securing two key technologies– storage systems and virtualized infrastructure - can significantly reduce the risk of a cyber-incident resulting in damaging and expensive downtime.

Special Care for Virtualized Infrastructures

Protection for all of the most common hypervisors + preserving consolidation ratios

Resilient Security for Storage Infrastructure

Protection for a wide range of storage systems without impacting performance

Enterprise-level Manageability

Management of all Data Center security technologies from one centralized console

Platform Coverage

Kaspersky Lab security solutions are designed to protect key Data Center technologies without impacting performance. We secure most common hypervisors, including VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and KVM while helping you to achieve high consolidation ratios. In addition to dedicated security for virtual environments, we also provide a solution to protect Network Attached Storage (NAS) and corporate file servers.