Imposed Security-Guard Virtualization


Control and Compliance for Virtualisation Infrastructure


Support of VMWare VSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V

Control of Virtualisation Infrastructure Administration

Security Templates & Automatic Conformity Checks

Compliance with Requirements, Standards & Best Practices

Comprehensive Security Analysis of Virtualisation Infrastructure

Key Features

Distributed Infrastructure

  • High availability cluster of GV servers
  • vCenter Server Linked Mode
  • Multi-server authorisation of authentication agents, server forests and hierarchical multilevel sync
  • Microsoft Hyper-V control with System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Failover Cluster Manager

Access Separation for Virtualization Infrastructure

  • Separation of administrative and security roles
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security o.cer can approve changes to virtualisation infrastructure
  • Capability-based access control depending on categories and con.dentiality levels
  • Control of administrative access to data processed by virtual infrastructure

Virtualization Challenges

  • Virtual device management
  • Change control against prede.ned security policies
  • Integrity control and trusted boot of ESX(i) servers and VMs

Logging and Reporting

  • Enhanced security logging
  • Detailed reports on administrative actions, configurations changes, security status and compliance
  • In-depth forensic analysis

Privileged User Control

  • Separated access to virtualisation infrastructure management
  • Minimised downtime from unintentional damage because of administration faults
  • Reduced risks related to virtualization infrastructure

Centralized Deployment and Management

  • Centralised management of user accounts and privileges
  • Centralised deployment of security components for ESX/vCenter and Hyper-V servers
  • Centralised VM con.guration management
  • Hot spare and cluster management
  • Federated event logging

Virtual Machine Protection

  • Minimised risks from unauthorised copying, cloning, transfer and deletion of virtual machines

Compliances and Best Practices

  • Your virtualisation infrastructure is always in line with compliance requirements, industry standards (PCI), and best practices such (VMware Security Guidelines)