SolaredINsight is a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to monitor employees digital communications at the workplace.



SolaredINsight is a comprehensive solution tailored to help information security teams identify the early signs of arising insider threats that may lead to serious financial and reputational damage. SolaredINsight provides convenient tools to establish communications surveillance across the corporate network so all the captured traffic to be analysed against the preset and configurable threat patterns.

Easy to deploy SIEM virtual appliance provides real-time, in-memory event correlation, active responses, file integrity monitoring, threat intelligence, and USB device monitoring.

SolaredINsight is capable to help solving the two main types of tasks. First, as a classic DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) solution, SolaredINsight allows for monitoring, filtering and analysis of each message for confidential information presence. Second, when used to identify corporate fraud signs, a different approach is applied. For this purpose, Solar SolaredINsight accumulates the employees communications, performs profiling of their actions and real-time detection of indirect and minor signs of high risk activities of employees and anomalies in their behaviour. These mechanisms allow for retrospective analysis and incident investigation using the full archive of employees’ digital communications.

SolaredINsight Advantages

  • Comprehensive monitoring facilities to reveal signs of illegal activities of employees and corporate fraud
  • Full archive of employees’ digital communications data with advanced search capabilities
  • Case-files for employees and restricted data objects
  • Incident lifecycle management throughout the investigation process
  • All required features of a DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) solution to monitor employees digital communications

SolaredINsight Benefits

  • You are concerned about controlling procurement processes and identifying corruption
  • Numerous staff members perform duties that imply access to corporate funds or other assets
  • You do not want trade secrets and know-how to leak to a competitor
  • You have to comply with local information security standards
  • There are reasons to suspect some unreliable employees acting to cause economic damage to the organization

Interesting facts

  • A de facto corporate standard for DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) in top governmental and corporate organizations
  • Case files within the DLP solution capable to obtain additional data from external information systems
  • SolaredINsight analysis, investigation and storage modules ready to integrate with any third-party DLP solution
  • A reference customer confirms a 850 TB communications database has been stored and operated for more than 10 years


  • Information security teams, whose tasks include identifying corporate fraud signs, conflicts of interest, collusion, direct or indirect theft of funds
  • Economic and personal safety services

SolaredINsight Main Features

SolaredINsight is a DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) software solution for monitoring, analysing and blocking employees’ corporate communications such as e-mail, instant messaging, Internet usage, etc.

Traffic Interception

The important part of all DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) solutions functionality is traffic collection for transmission to the subsequent analysis. SolaredINsight can collect traffic flexibly.


For investigations of information and economic security incidents it is important so that "investigation shoulder" will be long enough, therefore the storage requirements to storing of data in DATA LOSS PREVENTION (DLP) systems are increasing, namely to storage period, data volume as well as search speed and the number of tools for analysis.

Incidents monitoring and investigation

Incidents monitoring system in Solar SolaredINsight is a key tool for operational situation monitoring of information and economic security. Security policy performs function of incoming messages operational processing.

Maintenance and service

SolaredINsight software package provides a wide range of diagnostics and administration and configuration capabilities.

Key features


SolaredINsight has all necessary functionality to analyse, intercept and block corporate communications, as well as perform incident investigation. At the same time, it allows for solution usage in economic and personnel security.

In order to trace the movement and storage of critical business information, SolaredINsight presents a new entity - an Information Object which is literally a dossier for controlled information. Now it is possible to not only classify, describe and specify protected information, but also to see the related information security events, communications and storages in information object card.

Analytical capabilities


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