Data loss Prevention

Infowatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for data protection, loss prevention and monitoring the transmission of sensitive information outside a company, as well as for the protection of the company from internal threats.

Key Features

preventing the leakage of personally identifiable information and customer data bases

protection against leaks of sensitive data

intellectual property protection

identifying intruders, disloyal employees, persons engaged in espionage, conspiracies, sabotage

investigation of information security incidents

InfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise protects your company from internal threats:

1. Insider Activity
2. Conspiracies
3. Poaching Clients
4. Identifying Corrupt Schemes
5. Industrial Espionage
6. Theft of Personally Identifiable Information
7. Disloyal Employee
8. Working for Competitors

Benefits of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor

Data Screening

Accurate detection of sensitive data on the fly, automatic classification of information


User-friendly web-interface: the system can be managed from any workstation running any OS (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS) and using any browser


Collection of legally relevant evidence base for investigation of incidents

Employee monitoring

Engagement of all the company's business units in managing the security of corporate data - the legal department, marketing, HR- service, top managers, etc. with the ability to provide role-based access for different user groups

Social networking

Discrimination of areas of responsibility and access levels


Own unique technology and world class quality. InfoWatch is the first Russian developer of DLP Solutions to earn a place in the GARTNER MAGIC QUADRANT


High level of reliability and resilience


A comprehensive solution which covered all organizational, technical and legal issues related to a company’s internal security


Compliance with national privacy laws


Industry-specific solutions

Suspecious Employee

Identification of malicious users (employees): data cards on all employees and their connections


Suitable for large organizations with large amounts of analyzed traffic and a geographically distributed structure