Security Code - Secret Net Studio (Endpoint Security Solution)

5 Layers of Protection

Comprehensive MultiLayer Endpoint Protection


ALL-IN-ONE Solution for Endpoint Security

20+ OS Independent Security Mechanisms

Centralized Deployment & Management

Minimum Load on Protected Computers

Built-in Correlation & Prioritization of Security Event

Key Features

Centralized Deployment and Management

  • Centralised deployment, update, and maintenance
  • Single point of administration and management
  • Delegated hierarchical policies
  • Convenient grouping of protected objects
  • Federated reporting and responding

Context-Aware Access Control

Data access is based not only on user rights, but is further governed by resource con.dentiality (.les, directories, devices, printers, network interfaces, etc.) Printout and other exposure of classi.ed information is brought under control; secure data wiping.

Network Intrusion Protection

  • Signature-based and heuristic detection of possible attacks
  • Automatic blocking of intrusions attempts
  • Analyse suspect packages, port, denial of service attacks, etc

Device Control

Secret Net Studio checks hardware integrity settings when external device is connected or disconnected, as well as during the operation. A wide range of devices, including webcams, mobile phones, 3G modems, network cards, .ash drives, and printers is supported. You can further employ di.erent response scenarios, depending on what happens with a speci.c device.

Security Event Management

  • Centralised management of all security-related events
  • Group-based hierarchical alerting and reporting
  • Policy-based event acknowledgement and response actions


Monitoring network protocols and .ltering suspect packet against prede.ned rules at application, user or users’ group level. Signing network tra.c for MiTM protection.


  • Background, on demand, and scheduled scanning
  • Signature-based and heuristic malware detection
  • Versatile scanning profles
  • Local Update server

Enhanced Login

User authentication can be further enhanced with two-factor authentication and hardware tokens. For domain users, you can use certi.cates as well.

Encrypted Containers

You can create encrypted data containers on your disk or removable media. Encrypted containers appear as virtual units, while encryption keys can be stored safely on external device.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Advanced event logging helps you generate practical reports and drill down into essential details to investigate security incidents and determine attack vectors. Secret Net Studio also keeps copies of all .les/documents sent to printers or external devices that greatly facilitates investigation of potential information leaks.

Trusted Execution Environment

  • Limit programs that the user can run
  • Protect from unauthorised downloads
  • Check executables integrity


Secret Net Studio is licensed modularly on the base of specific security mechanisms that protect your infrastructure.

You can choose exactly what you need at the moment, and then acquire additional modules and extend the number of protected computers. You can also select perpetual license or annual subscription.


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