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Corporate Mobility Management and Mobile Device Protection


Integrated Mobile Device Protection & Management

Set it & Forget it; Devices are Under Control even When Offline

On-Premises & SAAS Deployment

Encryption-Protected Messenger

Protected Container for Corporate Apps & Data

Key Features

Mobile Device Management

  • Policy-based management of iOS and Android devices
  • White list of Wi-Fi hotspots; connection denied for untrusted access points
  • Bluetooth connection denial
  • Proxied Internet access
  • Prohibition on using built-in camera
  • Managed access to corporate e-mail (Exchange server)

Centralized Deployment and Management

  • Remote device registration and agent installation
  • User self-registration service
  • LDAP/Active Directory Integration
  • Centralised inventory of managed devices, applications and services
  • Centralised monitoring of security status and activities for all managed devices; geolocation
  • Broadcasting administrative messages and corporate announcements

Mobile Application Management

  • Install allowed applications from public stores (Apple AppStore, Google Play Market)
  • Install applications from corporate storage (HTTP, FTP)
  • White and black lists of user applications

Call and Messaging Protection

  • Reduced financial and reputational risks from possible leaks of con.dential information

Corporate Applcations and Data Security

  • Protected corporate container on personal mobile device
  • Separation of corporate and personal applications and data
  • Transparent container encryption
  • Disabled copy / paste between applications inside and outside the container
  • Container removal without a.ecting personal apps and data

Mobile Device Security

  • Remote device lock
  • Remote password change and reset
  • Device data encryption and protection
  • Remote wipe of device data
  • Device rooting and jailbreak detection
  • VPN settings management
  • Cryptographically protected VoIP and instant messaging

Corporate Mobility Management

  • Reduced TCO
  • Enhanced security
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Streamlined administration

Mobile device Protection

  • Con.dential information is protected in compliance with corporate security policies
  • Reduced security risks
  • Security policies remain in e.ect even when there is no connection to the GM Server

Technical Support

Technical support can be provided by Security Code engineers or by Al Hosani Team.

You can choose a support package that better suits your needs.


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