Acronis Backup to Cloud

Secure offsite cloud backup solution for reliable data protection & cold disaster recovery

What is Acronis Backup to Cloud?

Acronis Backup to Cloud is an easy cloud subscription add-on that turns Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced into a powerful hybrid local and cloud backup solution! Enjoy safe, secure, and scalable offsite backup for any data or any system—anytime, anywhere.

Perform easy local & offsite cloud backup in one easy step within any Acronis business backup product
Implement complete protection with backup of everything—disks, partitions, servers, data—to the Acronis Cloud
Reliably recover anything —files, folders, applications, or an entire system
Enjoy peace of mind, keeping backups safe in Acronis’ ultra-secure Tier-IV designed & SSAE-16 compliant local datacenters


Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, Acronis Backup to Cloud is an easy-to-use, all-in-one offsite backup solution. All you need to do is get a subscription, select the cloud storage size you need, and go!


Key Features

Government-approved safe AES-256 encryption.
Peace of mind with secure data access, storage & transfer.

Large Scale Recovery services
Redice RTO and quickly recover large volumes of data should disaster strike.

Initial Seeding services
Save time by quickly moving large volumes of data to the Acronis cloud.

SSAE 16-certified secure data centers
Sleep well at night, as the data centers are equipped with all latest disaster prevention technologies.

Initial Seeding & Large Scale Recovery

Initial Seeding

Depending on your network capabilities, your first full upload to the Acronis Cloud may require significant time & resources. Initial Seeding eliminates lengthy uploads by offering an alternative data transfer method:

Create a full system backup to an external hard disk drive.
Mail the drive to Acronis, and we will safely transfer your backup to the Acronis Cloud.
Continue your protection with smaller incremental backups made directly to the Acronis cloud.

Large Scale Recovery

If you need to recover exceptionally large amounts of data quickly, Acronis offers a convenient Large Scale Recovery service, independent of your network access/capabilities.

Simply order a hard drive of your backup from our datacenter
We will mail it to you via overnight delivery.
Restore the data directly from the hard disk, avoiding potential network bottlenecks

To determine how long it may take to upload, we recommend using the following simple equation:

Time to upload (hours) = (Data (MB) ÷ 2) ÷ (Upload Speed (Mbps) ÷ 8) ÷ 3600

*Divide total data by 2 to account for backup compression. Divide the entire equation by 3600 for a result in hours.

For example, if you want to back up 35 PCs with 200GB of data each & your upload speed is 40Mbps:
Total data = 35 x (200 x 1024) = 7168000MB
Time to upload = (7168000 ÷ 2) ÷ (40 ÷ 8) ÷ 3600 = 199.11 hours

Conclusion? It will take almost 200 hours to complete a full initial upload to the Acronis Cloud. To avoid this lengthy consumption of network resources, we recommend using the Initial Seeding service instead!