Mobile Security

Threat Environment

The volume and sophistication of cyberthreats specifically targeting mobile devices is growing exponentially, as cybercriminals recognize the value of the corporate data they can carry. But the threat does not stop there. An under-secured mobile device may prove a convenient conduit deep into your network – with catastrophic long-term consequences in terms of reputational as well as financial damage. The productivity benefits of ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to data are too great to be ignored, and BYOD - where employees use their own smartphones and tablets to perform work tasks – continues row in popularity.

What we offer

Kaspersky Lab solutions help to keep Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices secure and managed*. Multi-layer protection – including our cloud-assisted technology and Kaspersky Security Network – defend smartphones & tablets against the latest cyber threats, e.g. Trojans, phishing attacks and much more. Kaspersky Mobile Security solution also helps you apply security policies & settings across almost all devices, e.g. Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, if a mobile device is lost or stolen, anti-theft functions help you prevent access to corporate data. Remotely operated features let you block access to data & apps on the device, wipe data and find the device’s location.

*Not all features are available on every mobile platform.

Mobile Security

Our mobile security technologies deliver multi-layered defense against the latest mobile threats plus a whole host of anti-theft features that can be operated remotely

Mobile Application Management

Control tools – together with ‘app wrapping’ containerization – help to secure corporate data and systems and provide efficient BYOD security policy

Mobile Device Management

By enabling access to different platforms’ MDM functions – via a single interface – our solution saves time and makes it easier to roll out unified mobile security policies