Advance Persistant Threat Protection

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack

Defending against targeted attacks and advanced threats

What is a targeted attack?

Targeted attacks are long-term processes that compromise security and give the attacker unauthorized control over the victim’s IT – plus help the attacker to avoid detection by traditional security technologies.

What an attack could cost you?

Businesses that fall victim to a targeted attack, can suffer a wide range of costs and operational issues:
Financial losses – via cybercrime
Disruption of business processes
Regulatory & compliance issues
Legal action by customers, suppliers or employees
Damage to competitive position and brand image
Reactive costs to prevent further attacks – including:

Training – to improve security department skills and users’ security awareness
Staffing – including new job roles, segregation of duties and demand for additional expertise
Eliminating weak points – to improve system security, remove vulnerabilities and implement targeted security solutions

Because targeted attacks are overseen by highly trained cybercriminals – that adapt each phase of their attack – businesses need a security strategy that’s underpinned by constantly evolving security intelligence.

What We Offer

Our multi-layered approach helps businesses to implement an adaptive security strategy

Kaspersky Lab is a pioneer in helping businesses to adapt their security strategies – to defend against advanced threats and targeted attacks.

With a unique combination of technologies and services – all underpinned by world-leading security intelligence – we help organizations to mitigate the risks, detect targeted attacks at an earlier stage, deal with live attacks and improve protection against future attacks.

reduce the risk of advanced threats and targeted attacks

‘Harden’ your systems – by using integrated security solutions and tools

Ensure your employees and security team are aware of threats and IT security trends

identify activities that could signal a targeted attack

Discover existing security breaches and attempts to penetrate your network

Confirm security incidents, assess severity and prioritize your response

close security gaps and investigate attacks

Take immediate action – to mitigate the consequences of a ‘live’ attack

Conduct investigations – including deep-level forensic processes

where and how new targeted attacks could attack

Assess potential security gaps – across your corporate network

Adapt your defenses – to guard against future threats